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“En Broward College Ecuador mejoré mucho mi inglés gracias a los profesores con los que contaban y encontré una universidad para transferirme.”

Alejandro Gómez, Monmouth College (Transferred 2015)

Effective March 2011, Broward College transitioned to the Postsecondary Education Readiness Test (PERT), Florida’s new college placement test, as the primary placement mechanism. The PERT identifies appropriate course placement (developmental education through college credit) in Reading, Writing, and Mathematics. There are 30 questions per placement subtest, and the scaled scores range from 50-150.


Review the PERT study guide prior to taking the exam.

Postsecondary Education Readiness Test (PERT) Scores and Class Placement


Score Math Course
50 – 95 MAT0018 & MAT0018L
96 – 112 MAT0028 & MAT0028L
113 – 122 MAT1033
123 – 150 MAC1105*

*Please Note: To determine placement higher than MAC1105 departmental testing is needed.


Score Reading Course
50 – 83 REA0007C
84 – 103 REA0017C
104 – 150 College Level Reading


Score Writing Course
50 – 89 ENC0015 & ENC0015L
90 – 98 ENC0025 & ENC0025L
99 – 150 ENC1101 **

PERT Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many questions will comprise the PERT?
A: Each sub-test (i.e., reading, writing and mathematics) will be 30 questions.

Q: How long will the PERT take students to complete?
A: It is estimated that students will take 45 minutes to complete each sub-test but remember, there is no time limit.

Q: Are students allowed to re-take the PERT immediately after the first attempt?
A: No, students should spend time reflecting on their test results and preparing for the re-take. Broward College’s policy for retaking the test is 30 days in between attempts. There are also many PERT practice web pages that students should use before taking the exam.


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