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“The professors are highly qualified, they maintain professionalism in all areas. The Director and Advisors are always accessible, enthusiastic and caring.”

Valeria Espinoza, Lynn University (Transferred 2015)

Dr. S. James A. Whitman MBA, EdD
President & Academic Dean.
Professor since 1990 (swhitman@broward.edu.ec)


  • Dr. S. James Whitman, MBA, EdD., President & Academic Dean. Professor since 1990 (swhitman@broward.edu)
  • Mr. James A. Whitman, M. Sc., Vicepresident & Assistant Academic Dean (jwhitman@broward.edu)
  • Mrs. Maria D. Brito, Administrator (mdbw1985@gmail.com)
  • Mr. Edher Otoya, B.A. Student Record Administrator (eotoya@broward.edu)
  • Ms. Maria Daniela Barriga, Student Services Coordinator (mbarriga@broward.edu)
  • Ms. Natalia Cansing, Registration Department (ncansing@broward.edu)
  • Ms. Zoila Tama, Reception
  • Mr. Pablo Ponce, Maintenance
  • Mr. Jose Vinces, Maintenance
  • Mr. Jose Mora, Transportation


  • Dr. S. James Whitman (History and Business)
  • James A. Whitman, M. Sc. (Strategies for Success)
  • Freddy Matute, MBA (Mathematics)
  • Dr. Lindengrac Dominguez M.D. (Natural Science Department)
  • Simon Griffiths, M.A. (ESL Department and Political Science)
  • May Hauer-Simmonds, M.A. (Public Speaking)
  • Christopher Lux, M.A. (Composition)
  • Daniela Santos, M. Sc., NCC (Psychology and Strategies for Success)
  • Mr. Steven Balseca, M. Sc. (Economics)
  • Reneé Hosang-Alleyne, M.A. (Sociology)
  • Dr. Lulrick Balzora PhD (World Religions)
  • Joshua Kimber, M.A. (Philosophy)
  • Rossula Martillo, M.A. (Remedial Math)
  • Dra. Claudia Boloña M.D. (General Biology & Lab)

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